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Outdoor Activities and Playground Uses
EC360 Movement and Music
Samantha Ruiz

Provide answers to the following questions.

1) What are some of the benefits of using outdoor space in early childhood?

Some of the benefits of using outdoor space in early childhood are for the children to extend their indoor activities outdoors which include movement activities. Outdoor activities help enhance their physical skills but not only that it can help with their social skills and cognitive developments. Outdoor play is a vital importance in early years of childhood. Playing outdoor increases health and physical development, reduces obesity and stimulating brain cells.
With childhood obesity being common among our youths being active can improve their health throughout their life. Fresh air is beneficial to the body. Physical exercise decreases the risk heart diseases and diabetes stimulates brain cells and encourages development.
Playing outdoors helps with sensory development. They can stimulate their sensory through exploring outdoors with the use of all their senses.
It also teaches the children responsibility to be aware of their surroundings and to avoid dangerous areas well as recognize them. They also learn to avoid contact with unknown adults, avoid hazardous situations, and learning to stay hydrated in the hot weather.
Playing outdoors allows children to learn to appreciate and enjoy nature at an early age. This gives the children an eye to be generous to their planet and environment and protect and improve natural recreation areas. Outdoor helps their health, sensory development, and their coordination, makes them more responsible, and is aware of their environment.
2) Describe the role of the teachers on supporting outdoors space, including children with special needs?
Dealing with children with special needs shows that teachers must take an active role in their outdoors activities and help them explore the equipment by planning activities doing playground recess time. Plan activities that can motivate a child with disabilities help their body with new experiences, to master directional concepts, balancing practices.
3) What problems can there be with static playground equipment and their traditional uses?
Traditional static playgrounds and their traditional uses do every little to help with the children’s development. These playgrounds do not give the essentials of development because