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Intro to American Government
Assignment 4-Political Ideology 1. How would you have classified yourself before you took this quiz?
Prior to taking this quiz, I would have classified myself as a Democrat. However, I appreciate Republicans because I agree with some of their policies regarding immigration and abortion. Republicans are important because they keep things from getting too liberal, which could make our country a communist or socialist society. 2. How were you classified as a result of your answers on this quiz?
The quiz classified me as a Post Modern who is supportive of the government but more conservative on race policies and the safety net. The quiz also found that most people with similar views are supportive of Wall Street but also supportive of regulation and environmental issues. Also Post moderns are typically more supportive of diplomacy rather than military force. 3. What, if anything surprised you about your findings?
I was surprised that the quiz classified me to be conservative on race issues, being that I am African American. However, upon reflection, I would say that I am fortunate that African Americans today have many opportunities that our ancestors earned for us. Some of these opportunities are still being fought for in other countries. Also, I was surprised that Post Moderns are one of the least religious groups. I am a Christian, but I do not put down another religion because each person has different spiritual needs. 4.…