Political Ideology Essay

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A Word about Political Ideologies

A political ideology is a belief about the way the govt should behave or the role of the govt. For example, if you feel that the govt should provide health care for everyone or provide welfare to people who are poor and need assistance, then you are labeled a “Liberal.” You are liberal if you feel people have the right to be whatever they want to be and that everyone should be treated equally including gays, the poor and minorities.

On the other hand, if you feel the govt should not provide for people because people should work hard to take care of themselves, then you are labeled “Conservative.” You are also Conservative if you believe in traditional family values not two people living together and having children out of wedlock and certainly don’t believe in being gay or gay marriages. You believe in low taxes, a small govt except in the area of defense.

If you feel strongly about preserving the earth, animals and plants, then you are probably an environmentalist. However, if you are willing to protest, demonstrate and march for women’s rights then you are probably a “Feminist.” But what if you feel that the govt is always in people’s business regulating guns, pornography, drugs and our rights then you probably agree with the “Libertarians.” However, if you feel there should be no govt at all then you are an “Anarchist.”

What is your political ideology? You can go to www.politicalcompass.org and find out what your political