Pornography Should Stay Essay

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Pornography Should Stay Pornography too many could be defined as explicit sexual interactions that some use in order to cause sexual appeal and arousal. Although many people may disagree completely, some could define it as just a way of life. Millions of people everywhere could view pornography as a career opportunity or serves as a serious addiction. Pornography is something that most people are very aware of. It is something that has been brought into our society and created many controversies over what exactly it does to us as a society. It has been a major topic in the court systems because many people would like to see it more censored. Economically pornography has many benefits; such as, creating jobs for struggling citizens and regardless of economic hardships people will always buy or rent pornography. This particular topic has had a hold on many people and they are stuck on the past ideas that it is dirty, un-moral and unjustifiable. As a society we need to move past those old thoughts and remember that freedom of expression is a huge part in today’s world. Pornography has many benefits for society and to completely expel it from the internet, or anywhere for that matter, would be unjustifiable. One must consider multiple things before continuing down the path of removing pornography completely; for example, the general public’s perspective, how expelling it would affect the economy and simply find better ways to censor what can be viewed by the public at just the click of a button or walking into a store. Pornography may be a touchy subject for most people but the truth is, a lot of people just ignore it or have no problem at all with it being around as long as they are not forced upon it. Pornography to the public is something that is not necessarily spoken of on a daily basis but it is something that should be addressed, considering all the debates on whether or not to eliminate it. Throughout time people have always assumed that pornography is made particularly for men to enjoy but studies show that is not necessarily always the case. A study done by, Dr. Gomathi Sitharthan from the University of Sydney’s Graduate Program, reported that 30% of women watch internet pornography and 70% of men watch pornography online (Lee). Although it is shown that more men watch porn than women, the real problem is not that these people are watching porn; the real problem is that some take it to an extreme spending sixteen to eighteen hours a day watching nothing but porn. Pornography may be directed towards men but there have been many thoughts on how to make it more suitable or comfortable for women to watch. Multiple cases about pornography, whether it is about child pornography, first amendment rights or internet pornography, have been brought to the court room throughout time. One major case was Miller vs. California. In this particular case, that began in 1972 and was decided upon a year later, Miller was convicted of sending sexually explicit content in violation of California’s statue. It was decided that protection under the First Amendment does not include obscene material. (Herbeck). Although it was decided that pornography is not protected under the First Amendment, the government has many ways to censor the internet without completely taking pornography away. One should not have to give up something they like or do based upon another’s personal moral standings. Censoring pornography has already made a huge stance in today’s societies. In today’s society when one goes to a convenience store, in the magazine section, the covers of magazines such as Playboy, Hustler and Penthouse all have solid black covers on them with a hole just for the title. However, in the 1970’s when you walked into a convenience store the covers of such magazines were on the countertops with no cover at all for the public and children to see. Things have changed a lot from thirty years ago, even fifteen years ago. The average age of