Why are teenagers the way they are? Essay

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“What makes the attitudes of teenagers the way they are today vs. 30 years ago?”
This is the question I gave my husband Darin (Woody) after I explained the movie and some of the class studies thus far.

(Me) What is causing teens to act the way they do “these days”?
(Woody) They are disconnected from people older, younger and even their peers. (Me) Why do you think that is?
(Woody) Social media allows them to hide behind technology and not deal face to face (Me) Do you think family dynamics plays a role in teen’s attitudes today?
(Woody)When we were told to go watch TV, we went and were quiet whereas today children are dismissed and live within the confines of social media and a lot of parents have no idea how to check up on them (Me) Do you think social media will be the downfall of society as it progresses?
(Woody) Yes, we will continue to stay disconnected, 80 Facebook friends doesn’t mean you have a personal relationship with anyone. (Me) Do you think that divorce from instant gratification brought on by social media and the breakdown of the nuclear family has impacted this matter?
(Woody) Children do not deal with the deep emotions of divorce so they escape back into the problem and it’s a vicious cycle. Daddy left mommy for his high school girlfriend and mommy stays on her computer all day to. Both of them ignore the children for the sake of their instant pleasure and leave the children to escape with their own media choices. (Me) Epicureans believe that life should be spent in the pursuit of pleasure while Mill’s believes that pleasure has moral responsibility under Utilitarianism. Which belief does Social Media support and which do you support and why?
(Woody) Social Media supports pleasure only, self-centered, egotistical, anonymity. Like when your neighbor turns out to be a serial killer and you say he seemed like such a nice guy, never made a sound, barely knew he was there… No one knew because no one knew him personally. (Me) So ethically speaking do you think that Social Media should be more highly regulated? If so, How?
(Woody) It should be regulated but you still should have the freedom to