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In this report I am going to explore, in depth, the different aspects of the Birmingham Metropolitan College.
The College, as an organisation, relates to the public sector. There are two different types of sectors: the public sector and the private sector. The public sector is funded by the government which means that the tax paid by members of the public contributes to all of the public sector services, such as; schools, healthcare, police force etc. The private sector is part of the national economy that is made up of private enterprises. It is run by private individuals or groups; the government takes little or no part. As the College is open to the public it falls under the public sector. Every child aged between 16 – 18 has an equal right to attend.
Birmingham Metropolitan College is owned and funded by the government; however it is managed by Christine Braddock who is the Principal and Chief Executive. Jane Williams is the deputy chair of the corporation of the College.
An establishment such as this type of college will require motivated, versatile and highly skilled staff. Apprentices will need to have high expectations of themselves in order to achieve as much as possible at the College. I believe that if such people have such expectations and are highly motivated they will be able to give their utmost to their chosen career.
Over all the campuses the college employs approximately one thousand teaching and support staff.
My opinion is that the college looks for many skills and qualities such as; communication, teamwork, problem solving, good customer service, planning, organisation, motivation, enthusiasm, and initiative. These skills and qualities are very important for any job in order to work successfully.
The customers of the college I believe are the students that attend. It’s a multicultural college due to the wide range of ethnicities. Most of the students come from all over the West Midlands and from different social backgrounds. To have such a mix of students is fantastic; it adds to the diversity of the College and makes it a more interesting place to be. Each and every student will be able to contribute part of their personality into the organisation, therefore making it a very popular place to be.
Birmingham Metropolitan College is funded by the government which means as cuts are being made across the country, they will also most likely have been made or will be made at the college. However, the college also received part of two million pounds in the early months of 2011 from the FE Efficiency and innovation fund. This shows that the College is pro-active in seeking funds from different sources and not just from the government.
As there are fewer jobs in UK at the moment, there are a lot more people seeking education in order to become more employable in the future. This means that in the near future the College is very likely to expand in all ways such as; increase number of courses, number of teachers and also build larger campuses. (LOOK FOR EVIDENCE!!)
Vacancies at Birmingham Metropolitan College are usually advertised on the college website. However, there are various other websites as well such as; The college also advertises in the local press such as; newspapers, local gazettes and magazines. Apprenticeships are available to apply for at
I believe that the college’s values are to be inspirational to every student and deliver excellence. Their mission is to provide a great education and training that is exclusive, nevertheless constantly supporting the needs of their learners. The values of the college are to put the interest of the students first, to put everything into the approach to teaching which responds to the learners needs, to create an environment that encourages learning and skills development, to provide opportunities for a successful education for people from all different backgrounds and abilities, to strive for excellence in the college