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The Power of Nine Pitticus Lore
The book I read over the summer is called The Power of Nine. This is the third book in the I am Number Four series. This book is about 10 aliens who come from a planet called Lorien after it gets destroyed by there enemies called Mogadorians. After traveling for a year on a spacecraft they land on earth. They all have protectors called Cepans to be with while on earth because the Mogs for short know they are on earth and want to kill them off so they can rule every planet without the Garde as they are called interfering. The third installment of this book is about all the Garde are coming together to destroy the Mogodorian race and save the earth. They also have to fight against the United States government because they joined together with the Mogs. In the end the Mogs bring their all-powerful leader Setakus Ra to fight the Garde. The Garde retreat and at the end of the book they plan to attack him with a well thought out plan.
I really enjoyed this book it kept me guessing what was going to happen next. Another reason why I like because I am a sucker for action I am into marvel comics and I just loved the depth of description in this book. I would strongly recommend this book to any and all my friends. The reason why is because the story line in this book is on point but, I would recommend to read the first two books first. Another reason why I would recommend this book is if someone who liked action like me were to ask if I knew about a