Prayer and God Essay

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Chapter 10; Prayer (Theology)
Why pray?
Knowing God and His love will bring us lasting happiness and fulfillment
We understand ourselves better and who God created us to be
We should spend time with God with whom we will spend eternity
What is prayer?
A vital and personal relationship with the living and true God (CCC 2558)
Prayer is conversation with God
Prayer is being with God
“be still and know that I am God” (Ps 46:10)
What makes for good prayer?
Honesty: being real with God
Consistency: having prayer time everyday
Acknowledge movements on your heart throughout the day
Relate those movements to God like you’re telling a friend
Receive from God- what He is saying to you or simply a gift of His peace or joy, etc.
Respond to his message or gift with a natural response
How to pray (6 P’s)
Place: find a place where you can be in God’s presence
Period of time: set aside a designated time for prayer
Posture: assume a posture that helps you be alert and relaxed
Presence: remember that you are in God’s presence so that you can be present to God
Passage: one common way to enter into prayer is to begin with scripture
Persistence: strive to focus on prayer in spite of distractions
*Jesus is pleased that we want to pray even if we are distracted, Any effort at prayer is prayer itself
Expressions of prayer
Vocal prayer: prayer expressed in words, we so as Jesus taught in the Our Father
Meditation: prayerful reflection, especially on the Word of God in scripture, using our