Pregnancy and Abortion Research Essay

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Abortion Research

There is no clear mention of abortion in the moral teachings of the New Testament. Yet, from the very early times of Christianity, Christian sects and scholars have paid attention to this problem. The Roman Catholic Church believes that the fetus is a full human being, with a right to live, from the moment of conception; therefore this church has condemned all direct acts of abortion. Dida-che, a late first-century or early second-century manual of Christianity teachings, decrees that: “You shall not kill the embryo by abortion and shall not cause the newborn to perish.” In another Christian document, abortion is regarded as an abominable crime. Although some Christian scho-lars put forward the idea that abortion would be possible if the fetus has not developed a soul. The Roman Catholic Church in the nineteenth century rejected this idea formally, and decreed that abortion of any fetus is prohibited, and the person who performs it is condemnable to the canoni-cal penalty of excommunication. One of the most important challenges to this idea of Catholic Church is that a pregnancy may put the mother’s life at risk of death. According to this teaching, even in such cases, abortion is not allowed. Catholics in response to this problem have suggested the rule of "double effect", to save the life of the mother. For example, if a pregnant woman has uterine cancer or pregnancy in the fallopian tube, physicians may undertake procedures to save her life. In terms