Pregnancy: Pregnancy and Birth Control Methods Essay

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“Teenage Pregnancy Can Be Prevented”

Many teens are falling victim to teenage pregnancy. This trend is ruining the life of many teenagers throughout the world. With lack of parental involvement and limited guidance many teenagers are experiencing sex unprotected at a young age. With this behavior comes a consequence that these young people are not prepared to face.
So many young girls are not aware of birth control methods or the consequences of sexual activity. They end up getting pregnant without having a plan for their future. They are not old enough to obtain a job and care for the child and therefore the entire load falls onto their parents. The parent is forced to not only provide for their teenage daughter but also for their grandchild. As a result the teenager will most likely have to drop out of school to care for her child due to the inability to pay for childcare for the baby. Without the proper education needed, it will be difficult to acquire a decent job to support the child. “Sex Education” has been taught in schools for a while now. These health classes teach about sexual intercourse, the male and female body and the importance of safe sex and abstinence. In my opinion this sends a mixed message to teenagers today basically stating that it is okay to have sex but to do so cautiously and protected. I understand the logic behind such programs and classes but I also feel if there was more abstinence being taught we could lessen this problem. They are coming to the conclusion that many teens are going to have sex so they figure if they are going to do it at least give them the protection they need to do so. There are also clinics that offer confidential advice to those seeking guidance in the sexual area as well as condoms and birth control methods to those that choose to engage in sexual activities. If the parent is not aware that their child is sexually active, the clinic will not inform them at the discretion of the teenager. When I was a teenager, teenage pregnancy happened to me. I was unaware of the consequences of sex. I did not have the strong relationship with my parents that other teenagers may have with their parents. I did not feel very comfortable speaking with my parents about sex once I began to have sex. Although I was only sleeping with my long time boyfriend that did not stop me from becoming a teenage parent. I became pregnant and was forced to stop going to school to care for my child. It was a very hard task but I feel as though it could have been prevented had I had the