The Pros And Cons Of Birth Control

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There are many widely known drugs that have numerous controversial issues. Some people believe that they should be banned and others believe that there is nothing wrong with the drugs. Some of these controversial drugs include medical marijuana, steroids, Accutane,
Adderall, and birth control. One of the more prominent of these is birth control. Countless women and teenage girls use birth control for various reasons. It can be used to prevent pregnancy, lessen menstrual cramps, improve acne, delay or advance a menstrual period, or even cause the menstrual cycle not to occur. However, birth control does have several side effects, some of which are minimal and some of which are severe. Several people believe that these side effects should prevent the prescription of the drug and also forestall people from taking birth
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Nevertheless, most people believe that birth control is a very helpful drug that has countless more pros than cons.
Birth control pills are used for many reasons, the primary reason being to prevent pregnancy. They are made up of two hormones that aid in pregnancy prevention, as stated in this article, “Birth control pills (BCPs) contain man-made forms of 2 hormones called estrogen and progestin” and “Both hormones prevent a woman's ovary from releasing an egg during