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President Obama’s Address to Libya Summary

US President Barack Obama, delivered his speech on Monday, March 28, 2011, at the National Defense University, which was focused on the stand of US on Libya civil war. In Libya Moammar Gaddaf has “denied his people freedom, exploited their wealth, murdered opponents at home and abroad, and terrorized innocent people around the world – including Americans who were killed by Libyan agents”, as explained by president Obama. Obama’s first action was to freeze more than $33 billion of the Gaddafi regime’s assets and allowed Gaddafi and those around him to be held responsible for their crimes. Next , because Gaddafi wanted to escalate his attacks, launching a military campaign against the innocent people of Libya, President Obama took further action in which he authorized military action to stop the killing and enforce “UN Security Council Resolution 1973”.
Many people disagreed with President’s Obama decision to take military action with Libya however I think that as the US President he made a good decision. Gaddaf is an insane man and it is not Obama’s interest to kill him but to advocate the people of Libya to overthrow his power. “America’s role would be limited…we would not put ground troops into Libya; we will focus our unique capabilities on the front end of the operation, and that we would transfer responsibility to our allies and partners”, President reintegrated for those who are worried that a war would be started between Libya and the US.
In conclusion, Gaddaf has not step down his power yet, however President Obama is still working to advocate the well being of Libya. Moreover, as people still argue “that there are many places in the…