Presidential Debate Essay

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Presidential Debate on Domestic and Foreign Policies

The second debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama was set up as a more relaxed format, with the randomly selected panels and audiences asking the questions. The CNN poll after the deabte analyzed that 46 percent believed that Obama won the debate while 39 percent believed that Romney won. CBS polling showed that 37 percent said that they believe Obama won and 30 percent said that Romney won. The remaining 33 percent called the debate a tie. Overall, analysts were pretty split on who had won the debate but the general consensus was that Obama won. With a tied record, it will be very importantl for both candidates to succeed in the final debate Monday, Oct. 22.
The topics they discussed included education, job creation, tax deductions, sustainable energy, assault weapons, immigration, and equality for women in the workplace. Both candidates mentioned the importance of small businesses and middle class families, each citing how their economic plans would sustain both. They also discussed plans to keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S. and to make outsourcing abroad less appealing. However, although they were in a heated debate, the practical solution for the fiscal cliff that is coming next year did not come out. The two candidates also failed to propose an idea to decrease the 16 trillion and increasing government debt. Instead, they were busy attacking each other. President Obama criticized that Romneys tax reform is a policy only for the wealthy Americans and Romney denied and fought back by saying he would not increase the tax that's levied on middle-class Americans. Some say that the two candidates are using the debate only to gain more votes and not discuss the ideas to revitalize our economy.
Both candidates promised that they will not increse what's