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True Religion® Founder Jeffrey Lubell Marketing Report

True Religion


True Religion Brand Jeans Company was established in 2002, by designer Jeffrey Lubell. This brand is inspired by the American heritage, with good quality, and vintage appeal. Jeffery Lubell is CEO of True Religion Brand Jeans Company, and the subsidiary GURU Denim Company. Lubell’s main goal is to create a premium high quality denim, for both men and women. True Religion jeans starting price, spans from $174-$363. His brand demonstrates a Malibu-bohemian-hippie style. There are various styles to his denim line and embraces people who ‘do not’ follow trends, but instead they are to be the innovators of fashion, while wearing the ‘True Religion’ brand. His brand is sold in six continents, Africa, Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, and South America. His products range in a variety: jeans, shoes, shirts, jackets, sweats, shorts and more. True Religion motto: “It’s all about the fit”. Important details to the True Religion Jeans are the thick threads that are in various colors, giant sized hardware pieces, and oversized pockets. Most iconic item by True Religion are the “Joey” jeans. Many celebrities are seen wearing True Religion vintage style jeans.
Levi Strauss & Co.

History: One of America’s oldest jean company, that manufactures the average work jeans and sportswear. Levi Strauss & Company also owns important brands like Dockers, Levi, and signature name Levi Strauss. These goods can be found in 110 countries.

Levi Strauss markets: Levi Strauss markets a vairety of brands ranging form mens and womens underwear, loungewear, to childerns clothes.The brand is known for producing goods that are wrinkle and stain resistant.
This Companies goal is to expand there company beyond the United States of America.

Yearly earnings: An average net sale for Levi Strauss & Company is $4,410,600,000.

V.F. Corporation
V.F. Corporation is the number one denim company. V.F. Corporation has a good name for the various smaller companies that produce denim products and more. The V.F. sells their product in department store and specialty stores. V.F. Operates 750 stores world wide.

VF Corporation sponsors a range of clothing companies:
7 for All Mankind
Rock and Republic

V.F. Corporation markets:
V.F.Corporation markets a variety of good. They also create NBA MLB and NFL sports apparel. They also market a variety of goods ranging from backpacks, outdoor gear, athletic clothes, mens wear, foot wear and more.

Yearly earnings:
V.F. Corporation net sales earnings is $7,702,589,000. S.W.O.T. Analysis
True Religion Jeans:

True Religion has a large amount of cash and little debt, they can finance expansion or have a cushion for the future

True Religion has managed to stay afloat despite being a premium brand retailer during a recession

Offers numerous products and many different styles which broaden appeal to more consumers, while still remaining a “unique” feel


Design team does not have ability to predict future trends, which could lead to merchandise going to waste or having to be sold at lower costs

True Religion is one of the smaller premium denim brands, with less resources than some of its biggest competitors


Greater International expansion could unlock a great deal of revenue for the company

Expanding the Consumer Direct segment would lower costs because there would be no middleman, like with the US Wholesale sales

Threats :

Styles of clothing change all the time without a great deal of explanation

Brands can expand / new brands emerge and True Religion does not have any power over the success

of others
Continued state of a depressed economy can affect consumer’s disposable income.

S.W.O.T. Analysis