Professional Roles and Values Essay

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My Professional Role and Values


My Professional Role and Values
What is the functional difference between a regulatory agency, such as the Connecticut Board of Nursing, and a Professional Nursing Organization, such as ASPAN? The former is the state regulatory agency that a person who after meeting all the requirements, can apply for a nursing license. The latter is a specific organization that focuses on a specific type or filed of nursing. A Professional Nursing Organization can offer continuing education programs, course specific seminars and certification in that specialty. The State Board of Examiners for Nursing have positions appointed by the governor and have advanced degrees in nursing. In ASPAN you voluntarily
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An example of this that quickly comes to mind is the time I had to really fight for a patient to be admitted for post-operative vaginal bleeding. The patient recently had a vaginal birth a week earlier and had come through the OR because of post-delivery bleeding. She underwent a vaginal laceration repair. The plan was for me to discharge her from recovery to home. She woke up from anesthesia fine but continued to have some vaginal bleeding. I informed her obstetrician who came in to evaluate and was not alarmed by the bleeding. The obstetrician informed me that a recovering obstetrician would be the point of contact for any issues. The patient recovered with me for almost 2 hours. I checked her peri pad every 15 minutes. Her bleeding was WNL and as expected. I helped her get up to void and noticed that her bleeding was now redder, more in amount and brighter in coloration. (Her fundus had been firm her entire PACU course. ) I called the on call physician who came to assess her. This physician was not concerned with her bleeding and deemed that the patient could be discharged as planned. The patient herself was now becoming alarmed knowing what her primary obstetrician had discussed with all of us earlier. I was able to reassure the patient and she voiced trust in me. I then told the covering doctor that I did not agree with her assessment and that I would feel that an overnight observation was warranted. I