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Project 1
New Training Division
This new training division is to improve on sales techniques as well as sales training for those who are wanting to work in the automotive industry. This is a fairly new training division, which will soon be in an office accessible to every state in Australia.

Automotive Industry

What to expect
This new training is for those who are wanting to gain experience and improve their skills for if they wish to work in the automotive industry. We will be first testing this training in South Australia to find whether or not this training will be useful in the industry as well as to those who wish to work in the automotive industry.

To be a part of this training you will have to contact your supervisor or manager and request to take part in the training. After this you will be contacted as to whether or not you have been selected to partake in the training exercise.
The selection will be based on previous experience in the automotive industry as well as your sales history results for your previous jobs.

If we find that the training has become useful as well as a boost to the automotive industry then the training will be held in every state in Australia accessible to anyone who is trying to boost sales techniques and training as well as a better chance to get a job in the automotive industry.
If the training is unsuccessful though then it will go through a change of how it is carried out as well as changes to the training