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Table of Contents

Table of Contents ii
Introduction 1
Identification of Issues & Challenges 1
Project Objectives 1
Key Findings 2
High School Interviews 2
Graduation Transitions 2 Post-Secondary School Applications 2
Geographical Map 3
Current Application Process 3
Competitors 4 Social Media Outlets 4
Recommendations 4
Simplified Application Process 4
Leveraging Graduation Transitions 5
Volunteer Value Proposition 5
Differentiate From Competiton 6
Social Media Strategy 6 Search Engine Optimization 6
Leadership Assessment 8
Conclusion 10
References 11
Appendices 12
Appendix A: High School Case Studies 12
Appendix B: B.C. Graduation Transitions – Community Connections 13
Appendix C: Math & Reading Buddies Geographical Site Map 14
Appendix D: Travel Proximity for Volunteers to LBN Sites 15
Appendix E: Mock Volunteer Application Template 16
Appendix F: Mock Volunteer Log Template 17
Appendix G: Sample Volunteer Log – Semiahomoo Secondary 17
Appendix H: Mock Brochure for High School Volunteer Recruitment 19
Appendix I: Mock Brochure for High School Partnership 21


Here to Help is a five-member business team from Simon Fraser University that will assist the needs of our client, Learning Buddies Network (LBN). LBN is a non-profit organization that provides tutoring services for elementary kids. They strive to help young children who currently lack in the ability to achieve high performance within the subjects of English and Math. They are determined to provide the right resources in order to help them develop the essential skills needed to succeed.

This report will provide in-depth analysis and propose strategies and recommendations to enhance the LBN organization.

Identification of Issues & Challenges

From conducting a thorough critical assessment of LBN, Here To Help was able to identify four key obstacles that constrain them from growing as an organization. Since many of LBN’s existing competitors are leaning towards a similar business model, a key challenge is being able to establish a value proposition that resonates well with all stakeholders. Second, a distinct brand is needed to help LBN achieve a competitive advantage among competitors. Third, LBN faces the issue of attracting quality volunteers to tutor. An explanation for this is that LBN has yet to craft a message that really tailors towards explaining the value volunteers will receive. Another reason may have to do with the entire volunteer engagement process. The experience they go through, from filling out the online application form to training to delivering the sessions and receiving feedback, may not be living up to their anticipated expectations. Last, poor usage of social media outlets has resulted in a difficulty of establishing awareness within local communities. With Here to Help being aware of these issues and challenges, they are able to provide information to help LBN overcome the barriers.

Project Objectives

Coordinating with the general manager, Leo Chow, we have collectively decided to focus on the following objectives:
1. Provide a strategic approach on how to attract/recruit a more specific target market such as high school students
2. Develop a way to minimize LBN’s concern of volunteers not being able to reach the programme sites at specified time
3. Assist with the development of a brand to help differentiate them from existing competitors
4. Formulate an action plan for an improved social media presence

Key Findings

High School Interviews

After conducting case studies with a handful of secondary schools in the lower mainland, our team has been able to collect some valuable information to provide insight to the current situation of graduation planning programs. The findings listed in Appendix A illustrate that high schools currently have some structured process in place for students to fulfill their volunteer hours. However, the majority of these programs come from the personal networks of