Pros And Cons Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Industrial Revolution officially began in Britain during the 18th century and soon started to expand throughout Europe, then in the most of the world. Before the arrival of the industrial revolution people were involved in agricultural farming and other small workshops that took place in the homes of laborer’s, but when the Industrial Revolution had begun, there were significant changes in the lives of the people and their lifestyle in some way or the other. Soon after millions of individuals started to relocate to where their jobs took them and adapted them to the changes. Moreover, new techniques that arrived after the Industrial Revolution came into effect by paving the way for change in technology and inventions. The new technologies that arrived soon after the Industrial Revolution took effect by opening the way for change …show more content…
The Industrial Revolution solved the issues Europe was facing by improving the economic and social aspect of the continent. The industrial revolution bettered the economic and social status of Europe. Despite having lots of discrepancies between the lower and the middle class people, this great development led to new products constructed a demand that caused a divine sanction that influenced people to prosper and succeed in their aspirations improving the lifestyle of the people gaining more population, respect, and wealth and without these changes in revolution people would have been deadlocked within their territorial boundaries without having any knowledge of buying and selling of goods would have been made the life style of the people more complex . This entire revolution brought huge social and economic change in Europe changed the way Europe was