Pt1420 Unit 2 Assignment

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Essay Submission
1. First she needs to find the inverse function of f(x)= (2x+4)/3
2. Switch the x and y variables around and to get the inverse function y=(3x-4)/2 Y= (2x+4)/3
Now she has to solve for X
1: Flip the equation.
2: Add (-4)/3 to both sides.
3: Divide both sides by 2/3.
1. Y= (2x+4)/3
2. 3y=2x+4
3. 3y-4=2x

She now has "x =" so switch X AND Y FOR THE INVERSE y=(3x-4)/2 Solve x=6 (x=number of inches) y=(3x-4)/2 y=(3(6)-4/2 y=7 Neveah's hair would grow 6 inches in 7 months. (7 is the Y-intercept)