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Good Morning ladies and gentlemen. I am Michelle McMolin and this is Bethany and we are both cofounders and CEOs’ of R.D. Assisted Living Center and would like to talk with you a little bit today about our facility. I will be explaining to you some of the background of our company where we received the capital to start our company and will also tell you a little about our and why we feel it is important to the community.
Our facility was opened in January 2009 on the basis of better treatment and care for the elderly. This idea was based on the passing of Bethany’s Uncle Reynold Davies and his regrettable experiences with faulty care and lack of compassion in three area nursing homes. Mr. .Davies involvement with these unfortunate events inspired us to open our assisted living facility and go above and beyond with patient care. I myself have shared similar experience as the one we describe here and partnered with Mrs. Webb to open a care facility that is unmatched with all other assisted living facilities. We started back in 2009 in a small building with 20 units and doubled our business each year for the last three years.
Mrs. Webb inherited 4 million dollars from Mr. Davies when he passed I on the other sold some personal stocks for 2 millions this is where our money came from to start our business. Because we are both affiliated with GHSI we both feel that it is important that our up and coming assisted living facililty We went to the board members and successfully pitched the idea of our This inheritance helped us to partner with Georgia Health Sciences Center and also to purchase our startup facility. Mrs Webb and myself both affiliated with GHSU at the time of
Our business is necessary because it helps with assistance for the elderly. Our assited living facility is the answer to the lack of high caliber assisted living facilities in our area. We are the only care facility located in the CSRA that treat our patients on a broader scale. We not only adhere to the patients medical needs but we keep them engaged in life.

A little bit about our facility. Our facility is We have happily grown over the years. In 2009 we started with 20 units and then increased to 40 units in 2010 and also added a large outdoor recreational area for our residents and then progressed 80