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Why You Shoulds Never Buy From a Puppy Mill

A puppy mill is a dog breeding operation where profit is the main goal of the breeding program. Puppy mills do not care for the health or living conditions of their animals, nor do they care for the people who buy the animals. Many puppy mill dogs have hereditary defects, such as dental, eye, and limb problems and deformities. This is due to their disregard for the genetic health quality. Their dogs are kept in small, cramped, and unsanitary areas with little exercise, food, water, socialization, veterinary care, and love.

When most people see animals in deplorable conditions, being bred for profit and their health not being taken care of, they often want to "rescue" them via purchasing them from the breeder. While the intentions and hearts of these people are good, most often they do not realize that by purchasing a puppy from a puppy mill or a backyard breeder only gives money to the breeder and helps them stay in business. This "rescuing" of puppies causes the puppy mill business to advance and perpetuates more puppies to be produced in the same miserable conditions. So while these people are giving a good life to their one puppy, they opened up space at the puppy mill for more puppies to come in. The best way to put a puppy mill out of business is to never give it any business. Never buy a puppy from a puppy mill!

So what is the best way to save a life? Rescue! Go to your local animal shelter or find a breed