Essay about Putting a Stop to Cyber-Bullying

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Putting a Stop to Cyber-Bullying Are you sick and tired of your kid being bullied over the internet by kids in his or her school? Do you want to put a stop to this ignorant, inappropriate like behavior? I think people who cyber- bully should be either suspended or expelled from school, or serve time in the Juvenile Justice Center for the troubles they can cause the person. For one, the act of cyber-bullying can lead up to serious, emotional consequences. Two, kids may feel like no one likes them or get over-stressed and get unfocussed on their school work which is more important than worrying about this unnecessary and foolish action. Cyber-bullying is an ill-tempered and despicable action that has to stop immediately. When kids get cyber-bullied, it can lead up to emotional consequences. Over forty percent of kids, teens, and even adults have been cyber-bullied. This can lead up to the victims cutting or even killing themselves over the emotional distress they may be suffering. They may also want to take it out on other people who have bullied them. This act of bullying can also start as young as fourth grade! People may not realize the words they maybe saying to the person on the other end of that computer or phone. Even if the person applying the hurtful statement is joking around, the victim may take this personally and get easily offended. The victims may feel like nobody likes them because of the ignorant and malicious words that have been said from the person who is implying the words. This may cause them to have random outburst or freak out. The kids may get over-stressed and worry too much about what is happening to them and are not focusing on their schoolwork properly which is causing them to get bad grades. This can be put to an end if the person who is making fun of them would just STOP! For example: Someone can spread rumors about a person then all of these people may tease and insult the victim. The person may not be able to take the emotional pain and try to kill him or herself. This is not a game, this is serious. Some people may say "Oh it's just a phase, they will get over it, it's nothing major". Well they are wrong. Some of these things can stay with that person for the