Qualitative Research and Data Collection Essay

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Applying the Results and Conclusion of the Research Process

Applying the Results and Conclusion of the Research Process
In what way are the data collection procedures appropriate procedures for this study? The data collection procedures such as quantitative data collection are one procedure for the study. Quantitative data collection includes random sampling. This is when a group set of individuals with different characteristics. The hypothesis then has to be answered; this type of data collection focuses on experiments and observations. All data gathered during a quantitative data collection can be used to answer the research question. The random sampling can focus on a small or large group depending on what is required. Interviews as a data collection procedure is appropriate for the EMR research study. Face to face interviews is an excellent part of the data collection procedure. Questions about the EMR can be given to real patients and health care workers. Their opinions on how the EMR affects the work place can be recorded. Also, workers can be honest and explain whether or not the EMR is useful. They can state whether the EMR is really effective. Within the article this is explained. These two data collection procedures were used to put the article together.
In order to protect the rights of subjects the researchers protected the patient’s privacy. They did this by keeping all information confidential between the subjects and researchers. This is extremely important concerning research. Also, they abided by all laws and did not put people in danger. Moreover, data collection tool is used to support the safety of patients. The research was on the electronic medical record and within this no need for bodily experiments was needed. Moreover, the reliability and validity of the study is supported through the data collection tools. This is accomplished through the interviews. The patients usually sign a confidentiality agreement and other forms dealing with the project. Within the forms, a statement about honesty and privacy is included and any patient that wants to be a part of the project must sign.
The data analysis procedures are appropriate for this study because within the quantities collection procedure a numerical data is collected. Numbers provide accuracy and the correct data that is needed. The EMR is a very advanced technologically. The numbers that represent it should include the opinions of the general public. So sampling can be done. Sampling is picking a group of people to represent the whole. For example, the research group can pick a group of nurses or physicians or both to test out the EMR and record their experiences and opinions. The Qualitative data collection method is important for this study. Once the answers are recorded, the qualitative methods help to interpret the data and answers. The data collection procedure of interviewing and answering the research question is perfect. Testing the EMR hypothesis of “is the EMR effective” is clearly answered with the interview question and answer style of the data analysis procedure.
Last the key distinctions between the qualitative and quantitative data are that qualitative focuses more on opinions and views. And the quantitative focuses on logical situations, numerical values, and statistics. Many researchers try to stay away from the qualitative approach because it can be biased in some ways. Plus most researchers try to keep their research logical and have information on the numerical values of experiments and such. Within the article, the discussion of the theoretical framework and a large EMR database are discussed. The search engine within the EMR will provide faster internet access, faster inputting of the health officials, and excellent record keeping. If many patients are requiring the same treatments and have the same diagnosis it will automatically populate and the health organization specialist can receive the information quickly.