Technology to change the world Essay

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4/15/14 In 20 years our technology will advance faster than we could imagine. Every day there is someone that is creating new ideas or improving older technology to meet our needs as we grow in society. One technology that stands out above all others to me is the ability to print 3D objects. The possibilities seem endless as we improve the techniques and find a way to seamlessly intertwine mechanics with technology to create more detailed or purposeful 3D objects. The impacts or uses for this technology is vast and seems to be ever-growing as we go about our daily lives without thinking about it. There are people and groups, even NASA, who are making designs and cartages for the printer that will make edible models of food. Imagine having a 3D printer in your house that has a hardrive with nothing but files of meals that could be constructed at a push of a button or possibly on an app connected to your mobile devices. On your way home you could start dinner. Going even farther into the future we could have a device on our skin that monitors the intake of certain vitamins or for diabetic people could adjust the intake of sugars to start your day. The ability to make 3D models of organs for patients looking for implants could become a huge impact on the way we live. We could get a scan of our organs while we are young and healthy and save those files. Incase something were to happen we could reconstruct a healthy organ that could end up saving lives. The possibility of sending a robot to the moon that has an advanced 3D printer that could use nothing but materials on the moon to build structures is a new step toward a