Essay on Rapport Building in Workplace

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* Briefly summarize what Maggie talked about--key points for each of Carrie's 4 questions

1. Listening & Communication? People always focus on what they want to say so their mind was preoccupied. Unfortunately they cannot receive any useful essage from others. Listening is 75% the importance of a conversation . You can learn a lot of from listening. Listening really can help for dealing with any disagreement. 2. How does Rapport Building help at work & its purpose? Rapport Building establish understanding and trust for peoples work at the same task .Coworkers building relationship via small talk to understand people’s background and personal thought. People can start it with sharing the experience of last activity, weather, weekend, children and pet that you are attended. 3. What kind of question for Rapport Building is too personal? Financial struggling status, family problem, divorce and any sensitive question. 4. Rule of Rapport Building, in northern America, for international trained, different cultural professional person? It’s not an written rule. Pay attention ,observing or watch peoples , not steering, while café or casual meeting on a table. What’s the rhythm and pattern of the conversation during their small talk.

* Comment on at least one thing that Maggie said (make sure you include what Maggie said) - comment, agree, disagree and say why

For the question 4:

Observing is really the most efficient way for new comer to learn from local people. We can learn form the small talk in any specific situation, on a bus, before meeting, or coffee break . What kind of talking distance, body language, eye contact, kind touching , content ,and pattern of small talk is