Recommendation: Family and Grandmother Essay

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Imagine enjoying a good church service just to be on your way to some very disturbing news. Well that was me on a Sunday afternoon. It was approximately 1:00 in the afternoon when my mom phone rang. “Sue you all need to come on and get down here “in a very nervous and panic voice. It was my uncle yelling from the other end of the phone line. “Charles what is going on”, my mom starts to yell and my uncle continues to talk as he slowly breaks the news. “Mom has had another stroke”. Immediately my mom rushed to the car and announces to my sisters and me that we were going to Greenwood. In such a puzzled state of mind, I asked my mom what had happened. When I posed the question to my mom she began to explain the whole process from which it had begun .After my mom had explained the situation to me, I begin to have a trembling feeling. At that time there were a lot of things that started to boggle my mind ranging from if my grandmother would make it, to If I had to say my last good bye to someone I loved so dearly. When we pulled up at home everyone in the vehicle jumped out so that we could begin packing. My uncle who stays in Memphis also, was on his way over to our house, and we wanted to ensure that we were ready before he arrived. Around 3 pm my uncle Melvin had arrived and we were on our way to Greenwood, Ms. It normally takes 2 hours to make it to Greenwood, but on this particular day it took at least an hour and twenty minutes. Therefore, we made it to Greenwood at about 4:20.When we entered Greenwood, we instantly rushed to the hospital. At our arrival the truck load of people we had jumped out to go inside the hospital. Greenwood Leflore Hospital is the only hospital in Greenwood, so it was packed. Upon walking into the hospital the only thing I could think in my head is “thank God we don’t have to wait”. Everyone walked on through and took the elevator to the fifth floor. On this hall there was the odor of a hospital, but as we continued to walk it faded away. Now, there was a moaning noise of a patient who was obviously in so much pain, and this was the door we entered, with no second thought the moaning noise was the sound from my suffering grandmother. I slowly entered the room and walked over to my grandmother’s bed were she looked and tried to smile at me. When I saw my grandmother try to embrace me with a smile it cut deeply to see her not be able to do so. There were nurses in and out the room checking on my grandmother, while also ensuring that the family was fine while we endured such a sad moment. With a variety of tubes and intravenous medication surrounding my grandmother it hurt me to look into her eyes, but I did it because she was my family’s back bone. Everyone in the room is talking to my grandmother, trying to see if she remembered anybody. It was then clear to us that my grandmother’s memory was gone. At approximately 7:30 pm nurses begin running back and forth into the room, until finally they cracked a code on me. “Code Blue”, is what you heard them say. This specific code means that there was no more life in the individual at hand. Everyone started to cry and pray, until my uncle showed himself a magician to our family. With the stroke of a finger, my uncle Charles rubbed his mother’s head and she popped her eyes back open. Again, my grandmother has life. I was so elated to see that my grandmother had not yet taken her last breath. My grandmother soon