Recruitment Activity Essay

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1. How were you recruited for your current job? (Use your last job if currently unemployed.)
I found out about my current employer from a friend who was interviewing there. I was not aware of the position though, but went ahead and opened an applicant profile on the company’s career website. A couple of days later, I got a call from a recruiter in the company, who brought up the position and the description of the job. After a few phone and face-to-face interviews, I was offered the position.
2. Do you think this was the most effective or efficient method the company could have used?
I think the company should do a better job of letting the public know about not only the benefits of working here, but also about the positions that are available for placement. There is little or no knowledge about open positions for outsiders who are not working with job placement agencies.
3. What selection tools were used in the hiring process for your current job?
I think selecting me as a good candidate for the position was mainly based on past experience from working in a mortgage company, educational background, credit check and the interviews. Because of the nature of the personal data from our clients that we handle, credit checks are very necessary for this position. The interviews are just used to determine that one would be a good fit for the company and the team we would be working with. Education and past job experience would just make it easier for one to apply knowledge and pay attention to detail on the job.

4. Do you think the company was targeting any specific types of applicants (like certain minorities, younger/older applicants, more men…