Reducing Gang Violence

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Buzz Lightyear
Mr. Reilly
2A American Literature
20 February 2013
Reducing Gang Influence on Adolescents Attending School Adolescents are in jeopardy to be influenced by gang violence throughout their communities every day. Teens that are exposed to communities with high gang involvement are more likely to be influenced by gangs. According to Volkan and others, many gangs recruit teens (73). There are various ways to help reduce gang involvement and violence on teens who are attending school. Numerous effects gangs have on adolescents include social status, displacement of responsibility, and drug and alcohol use. These negative effects can be reduced by creating mandatory anti-gang classes, creating seminars for the parents and children,
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These actions may be the leading cause of crime produced by gangs. claimed adolescents who are involved in gangs think that they are fulfilling orders passed down from ranking gang members (432). To help the vulnerable adolescents participating in gang involvement with this rising situation, cities with proactive gang involvement could create a seminar. These seminars may provide the opportunity for worried parents to help their child become less interested in gangs. Anti-gang seminars can teach the parents how to help their son or daughter become a more responsible young adult and teach them good morals. These seminars may also help adolescents turn their attitude towards gangs around. These seminars would have the capability to decrease the amount of gang violence. Along with gang violence, often times comes the use of drugs and …show more content…
With these problems, consequences are sure to follow either for adolescents involved with the gang or for the victim that runs into a gang violent situation. Violence is inventible but can be reduced by taking numerous precautions. These precautions can consist of creating mandatory anti-gang classes, creating seminars for the parents and children, and by enforcing stricter laws on underage drinkers. All of these precautions could prevent many of the curious adolescents who are in jeopardy of getting involved with gangs and the violence that comes along with them. If these teens decide to ignore gang influence their communities could be significantly improved along with family growth, and less drug and alcohol