Reflection On Education

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Sarah Irwin
Reflection Paper #2:

One form of my identity that I discussed was by my ability. Last week when we were getting to know the children involved in program I asked the child that I was working with what they were excited about learning and the he seemed like he really did not even want to be there. I took a second to poise myself because I was trying to figure out how I was going to respond. When he just did not respond to my question, I said, “so math, English, or reading any of those subjects interest you?” My reaction was calm and tried to get him excited about learning and the fun centers that the program has planned. He was not listening and not engaged at all, so I had to do something to change this. I tried to get him excited by talking about my personal experience and the fun ways he can apply what he has learned in school. I mentioned the centers, which are times designated within the program for the kids to apply what science or math related information they have learned to a fun activity, such as a science experiment, or for the older kids the game 24. Eventually he warmed up and started to talk to me more. But, if I just let it go that he did not care then he would have never gotten anything out of the tutoring program, and I want him to have the best experience possible, because then why am I even there. As I discussed, my ability is in my communication skills, to talk to people like the student I am working with and make sure that they understand and are having the best experience possible. Ability is internal to me and directly corresponds to my personal experience in the tutoring program, as well as the students. This incident is also related to my age. By telling my experience with learning to my student I am using my age and knowledge to help him understand the importance of learning, and try to get him excited about school.
Looking back on the incident, I think maybe I could have tried to keep more of an open mind instead ramming all of my knowledge and experience down his throat. He is still pretty young, so he most likely does not understand that it is