Reflection: Thought and Study Strategy Essay

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As I was preparing myself for my first exam in this class I was very unsure how the test was going to be difficulty wise, and I wasn’t to sure what the test set up was going to be like, or what type of question were going to be asked. As I was going into the exam I thought that I was going to receive a low C. I thought this because I wasn’t really quite to sure of what I was going to study and what approach I was going to take toward it. After I finished with the exam I thought that I was still going to receive the initial grade that I thought I was going to get before I even took the test. With not being sure of the content of the test my preparations in order to study for the test were a little off. With the test being announced about a week prior in class to taking it, I started looking over my material about a 5 days ahead of time, trying to implement the 5 days study plan we learned in class. I think that using the 5 days study plan I didn’t to it correctly. Instead of “chunking” the material together I feel like I never gave my self a break and overloaded my head with to much information. As I was taking the test I think that I followed the directions well, I read them carefully and tired to take my time. As managing time went, I feel like I was rushed the whole entire time, and I was worried about not finishing up before class ended. As I was checking the time constantly stress played a big role with be not taking my time so it effected me negatively. I