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1. My subordinates would describe me as an engaging, thoughtful and a take charge type of leader. I’m quick to introduce myself when new members arrive in the shop, and I make it a point to contact Airmen during the month to check in with them. They know I am available to them any time if they have questions or personal issues. In addition, I have a plan ready for drill weekends.
2. Supervisors would describe my followership as disciplined, and respectful. When tasks come to me, my supervisors know I will be on time to start and stay if I have to in order to get the mission accomplished. The Air Guard can be a little lax when it comes to discipline but I make sure to address all members of the unit by rank and last name. Airmen take pride in the rank they have earned, and appreciate being addressed properly.
3. The leadership style I use is collaborative and all the feedback that I have received indicates it is effective. It is not always conducive to include everyone in all decisions, but when I can I get buy-in from my shop. It helps to initiate ownership in the equipment and the unit. I have learned over the years that people have more pride when they feel they are part of a team and own a process.
4. As a NCO, I would describe myself as mature and confident. While a majority of people enlist in the Air Force just after finishing high school, I enlisted in the Air National Guard at the age of 30. Age, experience, and education have matured me and given me the