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Apple Research Essay
Apple Inc. is an American company first established in California, Cupertino. On April 1st 1976, Apple was founded by Steve Wozniac (61 currently), co-founded by Steve Jobs (56) and Ronald Wayne (77), who created the first ever apple logo .

Steve Jobs had a business mind, whilst Wozniac had a more technical mind, moreover Jobs was extroverted, whilst Steve Wozniac was shy. The two complementary personalities brought us the future changing, multibillion dollar Apple Company.
Steve Wozniac was introduced to Steve Jobs in High school, 1971 by a friend, who mentioned they should get to know each other as they both had common interests. Soon enough they became very good friends. Additionally Electronics brought them together as they were both attracted towards digital chips. Back in the day no one knew much about them.
The Apple I and the Apple II were the first ever computers created by the Steve’s. Soon followed by the one of a kind Macintosh (Mac) called Lisa introduced in January 1984. It had a 128K Ram of memory and consists of Two DB9 serial ports.
On the 16th of September 1985 Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple by John Sculley, as he thought he was too volatile for the lead role. 12 years later after Jobs success with the leading company Pixar (Disney) and NeXT Computer he was brought back into Apple. Within the 12 years (Steve Jobs was sacked), Apple had to go through a tough time, with losses and a lack of leadership.
IBM and Apple were both long-time rivals. However in 1991 they became one to produce the ‘Newton’ a personal digital assistant, which failed commercially. Moreover it did inspire products like the Palm Pilot and the Pocket PC.
Steve was asked to re-join the company on the same date as he left. The 16th of September 1997. A soon as Jobs returned he secured a 5 year deal with the yet most important rival, Microsoft. Apple introduced the new Mac style Microsoft. (Including a US$150 being invested to help)
In 1992 Jonathan Ives moved to San Francisco to join the Apple team. Followed by in 1998 He was appointed vice-president of industrial design at Apple. The original iMac was then launched, of which sold 2 million units in its first year. The first ever iPod was released on 23rd October 2001, which was then followed by the creation of iTunes on January 9th 2001. iTunes started off for just Macs however it proved to be so popular that Apple decided to make it with PCs.
The iPhone is an internet based Smartphone with an iPod. It first became available on the 29th June 2007. It consists of applications such as Mail and Safari (Internet). Apple has over 425000 apps. They have sold over 100 million iPhones worldwide. Followed by the iPhone was the popular iPad, which in the UK has so far sold over 15 million. The iPad was released on the April 3 2010. Apple is now the world’s second largest company in terms of market value. On the top 200 companies by revenue, Apple stands at 109. The Steve’s have both completely changed the way in which the mobile industry is now.
Jobs clueless of what his future was holding for him approached The Byte Shop, who said they would be interested in the first ever computer (designed by Wozniac with the help of Jobs business mind) however only if it came fully assembled. Soon enough Jobs and Wozniac raised money and built a prototype in Steve Jobs garage. The computer was called the ‘Apple I’ and was a fully assembled and functional unit that contained a $25 microprocessor on a single-circuit board with ROM. On April 1, 1976, Jobs and Wozniak created the new Apple Computer Company. Apples first ever project, Apple I was priced at a reasonable price of $666.66. Wozniac and Jobs sold their first 25 computers to a local dealer, but beforehand. The owner, Paul Terrell, also said he would order 50 of the machines and pay $500 each on delivery. This is how they began their business without borrowing any money. Which was an