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In this report I will examine the extent in which the concepts of the Managerial Escalator fit with the experiences of two managers that were interviewed by me. The first part of this report will try and clarify the concept of the Managerial Escalator with focus on Rees and Porters different concepts as well as unfolding their own standpoint on it. The second part of the report will show a clear analysis of two managers who have managerial responsibilities in their roles and in their line of work or have had then ascertain any extents in which the two managers progression into management fits in with the managerial escalator.
The Managerial Escalator
The Managerial Escalator can be described as a concept that can be used to
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The main responsibilities he has as a manger consist of meeting with targets which can be sales related and also helping in driving the business forward. He claimed to spend 80 percent of his working hours during a day to work on these purposes and responsibilities. He said that he thinks his strongest quality being manager is how he is able to keep all of his staff motivated and confident, one area that we said he needs to improve in is overall store performance in terms of meeting sales targets. Before when he was a general assistant he remembers how he enjoyed working with his team but now as a manger he does tend to enjoy his different responsibilities that he has gained since then and also finds it satisfying. He felt that the skills he has as a manager have helped in the short and also long term success. He stated towards the end of the interview that he is always motivated as a manager and always has plenty to do that keeps him busy and challenged, because of this he suggested he wants to stay in this type of role for number of years.
The second manager that I interviewed was a store manager at a retail outlet, the position he had before this role was deputy manager and this was at the same organisation, but also before that he was a also a deputy manager at another business, he told me that he has been working within the retail sector for nearly 5 years. Before he had his managerial role he had been given training from a