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Romeo and Juliet: Essay question Does fate decide what happens in our lives or is it merely our actions? In Romeo and Juliet I believe that their actions created the consequences that led to their deaths. These two characters have many tragic flaws in their personalities but the main ones are the following; Romeo is too emotional or impulsive which throughout the book seems to get him in trouble quite a lot. On the other hand Juliet seems to be very selfish with her actions causing pain to herself and others around her. Being too impulsive can be such a horrible thing, along with being too impulsive, and some people realize that, while others don’t. Romeo and Juliet unfortunately did not and in the end it was too late. In the beginning Romeo was extremely “love sick” over a lady named Rosaline, who had left him. (“Why, such is love's transgression. Griefs of mine own lie heavy in my breast, which thou wilt propagate, to have it prest with more of thine: this love that thou hast shown doth add more grief to too much of mine own. Love is a smoke raised with the fume of sighs; Being purged, a fire sparkling in lovers' eyes; Being vex'd a sea nourish'd with lovers' tears: What is it else? a madness most discreet, A choking gall and a preserving sweet. Farewell, my coz”). He was positive that his life was over. Benvolio, being able to rationalize, saw the problem and suggested that they crash (their rivals) the Capulet’s party, seeing it as an opportunity for Romeo to forget about Rosaline. Romeo ends up going and there he meets the beloved Juliet, the girl who has stolen his heart. He is sure that she is now the love of his life. But before entering the party scene romeo states, “I fear, too early: for my mind misgives some consequence yet hanging in the stars shall bitterly begin his fearful date with this night's revels and expire the term of a despised life closed in my breast by some vile forfeit of untimely death. But He, that hath the steerage of my course, direct my sail! On, lusty gentlemen”, this is of course a foreshadowing of his actions that will soon lead to his death. Romeo literally just met Juliet and Juliet just met Romeo, but since they claim they are so in love they agree to get married the next day! None of it thought it through, hence Romeo being impulsive and Juliet being selfish, she didn’t even think about what her family would think of it or her afterward. (“Three words, dear Romeo, and good night indeed. If that thy bent of love be honourable, thy purpose marriage, send me word to-morrow, by one that I'll procure to come to thee, where and what time thou wilt perform the rite; and all my fortunes at thy foot I'll lay and follow thee my lord throughout the world”). The day soon came and Romeo has married his beloved Juliet, this has changed his perspective on almost everything including his enemies, the Capulet family. When Romeo comes across Tybalt, (a very angry and stubborn man, who just happens to hate Romeo) Tybalt attempts to challenge Romeo, but Romeo backs off because he doesn’t want to hurt someone who is part of his new family, and Tybalt ends up fighting Mercutio and kills him, causing Romeo to take his impulsive self and kill tybalt. Killing Tybalt causes drama in the town and Prince Escallus bans Romeo from the town. While this was going on Juliet was being forced to marry Paris, which upset her even more on top of Romeo being banned. In the midst of all of this Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence and threatens to kill herself unless he helps her. (“Tell me not, friar, that thou hear'st of this, unless thou tell me how I may prevent it: If, in thy wisdom, thou canst give no help, do thou but call my