Romney vs. Obama Essay

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Romney vs. Obama The presidential candidate acceptance speech carries a great deal of importance. It is one of the only times the candidates will have the opportunity to speak directly to the common people. A good speech could garner much support for the candidate, while a bad speech could have dire consequences. Although the acceptance speech is very important and potentially very stressful to each candidate, they do have the comfort of being able to spend much time rehearsing their speeches, which helps to relieve some of the pressure on them. Although I thought Romney came off likable, he did, however, appear to have the rich man demeanor that some people dislike. Romney spent much of his speech appealing to the middle class; however, he did not do much to gain support from the lower class. Along with focusing on the middle class, Romney also tried to garner support from businesses and corporations. It seems Obama’s most difficult task for this election may be to rekindle the fire which caused him to win the last election. Obama is still rating “more likable” then Romney, but he has lost much of the support that helped him win the 2008 election. He also seemed to focus mainly on the middle and lower class, with some focus on small businesses. Romney stressed that America must do more to help promote business and he said Obama has hurt in that regard. He also said American currently lacks a spirit of cooperation. He said he intends to get America back to work by creating 12 million jobs. His five point plan is: (1) assure that American is energy independent by 2020, (2) provide better education to all Americans, (3) establish new trade, (4) cut the deficit, and (5) help strengthen small businesses. Obama stated that America’s economic woes were created by bad policies in the years before he became president. He failed to mention how much worse the economy has become due to the policies he has implemented, however. His solution to the economic problems is to tax corporations more, have America produce more products and jobs, and to use more renewable energy sources. Both candidates presented their speeches very well and neither made any damaging mistakes. Romney stressed that Obama has failed to stand up to other nations, therefore making America appear weak and causing her to lose respect. Obama again stated that he intends to bring the war in the Middle East to an end. The vision Romney has for America is to work to united all her…