Negative Effects Of Media On Children

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Kanisha Hardy
November 13, 2014
Child development
Linda Dove
The Negative Effects of Media on Children 8- to 18- years old Excessive media usage can have a negative effect on children ages eight through eighteen. The negative effects that come with media usage can be behavioral, self-imaging, and mental. Media comes in many forms such as movies, television, internet, video games, and music. All of these forms of media can contribute to the effects on children. According to Paediatrics and Child health one hour or two hours of unsupervised television usage by school aged children can have a major deleterious effect on academic performance especially reading. Another article I read from the Education Encyclopedia stating that the amount of hours spent on the computer, television, or any other media source can be a major distraction because children would rather do that than homework. It also says that educators have expressed that the passive nature of media exposure undermines the ability of students to be active learners. So media can affect the mental part of the brain by receiving information and understanding it. The Paediatrics and Child Health article says a parent play an important role in children’s social learning but if parents don’t express their views or concerns then the child is left to learn on their own which is by media by default. The parents have a major part in controlling media usage. The effects of media is not just limited to children, society is