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Rubbish system

Solar Panels
The rubbish that is we are littering on our streets and waterways do is affecting the life of our marine animals and destroys their food chain. Only 20 % of the litter that is produced goes to landfill. The remainder goes to waste recycling, into streets; parks and ocean which ills marine life and small landfill that cannot create energy.

There are many types of rubbish systems, however one of the best rubbish disposal is the most common is household waste. You put your rubbish in the bin, which is connected with a pipe that is under ground. The pipe pumps the rubbish to a landfill place where it stays for a period of time.

Consolidated in this place you can get energy from the gases that are released. The gases are called methane and carbon dioxide. Once processes completed you can use that energy or sell it to a power company for profit.
Is a good way to generate energy? It is sustainable process and saleable product.
How does it work; the suns enters into a crystal panel converter that uses the energy of the sun and turns it into power.
The excess power not used goes into a grid that you can store or sold to a power station for income. Using energy in this form we reduce our carbon footprint and stop polluting our environment for a safe and healthy free future.

Wind Turbines
Our earth keeps on getting warmer and warmer due to
Release of gases called Methane and carbon dioxide and
Making the earth like a greenhouse trapping the heat.
We need to use these solutions to our advantage and stop
Our earth turning our earth into a greenhouse.
Wind turbines are placed in open field that gets a lot of wind
Through them. They are often located on the coastline or in
Specific locations where wind is strong. The wind spins the
Turbine the movement generates energy which goes into a
Grid and can be stores in a grid available for use when needed.

Sewage water

Sewage is where your human waste goes, unfortunately most of the sewage goes out into the ocean that which effects marine life. Sewage is where your human waste is discarded. The dirty water flows down the sink or toilet to the sewer treatment plant where it is cleaned then you can recycle it. Then it is ready to be consumed and it is piped to house where it is as clean as new.
How does it work?
Your human waste goes through tunnels to get to work site to be cleaned. Flowing through sand filters to get rid of the dirt cleans it. Cleaned water is then pumped into reservoirs a pipes and flows