Saki The Interlopers

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Introduction: Title, author, context, contention and however statement
‘The Interlopers’, a short story written by Saki, follows the feud between the Gradwitz and Znaeym families. The feud, an inherited argument over some forest land that had been going on for the past three generations causes the two men to seek out each other in the hope of finally settling the argument by killing one another. The two come across each other, “man to man” each with a “rifle in his hand” ready to “murder”. As they are pettily arguing like two little children, Mother Nature strikes down a large “beech” tree which falls on top of the two, leaving them pinned with no escape. This leaves the reader to believe that conflict is indeed futile and
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Although the two men thought they could own and control the forest. Mother Nature decides to strike down a large “beech tree” which leaves the two men trapped, unable to escape. Had the two men not been looking for each other in that “stupid strip of forest” they would not have had a tree fall on them. Ironically, the “forest land” that they were willing to kill each other over was what lead to their demise. Through this, the futility of conflict is obvious.

Body Paragraph 3: Topic sentence, explain, evidence and linking sentence
Pinned underneath a tree unable to move, the two men are forced to peacefully talk to each other and sort out their problems. Through this they are able to reconcile with each other and become friends with each other. Ulrich von Gradwitz offered Georg his wine flask and in return asked him to be his friend, “you offered me your wine flask ... Ulrich von Gradwitz, I will be your friend." After a three generational long feud, Ulrich von Gradwitz and Georg were able to “make peace” with each other. However, although they were able to end their feud and become friends, it was a little too late as they were later eaten by “wolves”. Saki shows the reader that conflict is indeed futile and useless, however conflict can also help people grow and