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Planning a Sales Presentation

Product Name: Premier Health Products Massage Chair PHP2025

I. Approaching the Customer:

I will use the Merchandise Approach Method (page 309)

My script: “Have you seen our brand new state of the art massage chair? This is the PHP 2025 massage chair which is able to support your body and gently but firmly sooth your body tension and sore muscles. The material is pure leather and comes in both colors black and brown.”

II. Determining Needs

I will determine my customer’s needs in the following manner(s). Give specific examples: (pgs. 310-313)

My script: “Do you currently own a massage chair?” “What type of massage chair do you currently own?” “What needs is your current massage chair not meeting?” “How often do you use your massage chair and what features are you looking for?”

III. Product Presentation

I will show my product and tell about it in the following ways (pgs. 321-325):

My script: “This massage chair has two in one features it not only provides perfect support for your back but also helps relax your legs. This chair includes 5 different selections of massages which includes: kneading, rolling, tapping, pressing, and a kneading + tapping. These massages ensure to relax your body and revitalize tired muscles. It also includes a new air compression technology which pulls on the users calves giving them a feeling of elongation while you relax on the couch. We will also include a 5 year warranty if you purchase this brand new massage chair today!”

IV. What to Do During the Presentation

I will make my presentation come alive by doing the following during my presentation

My script: “These are the different buttons to control the 5 different types of spinal cord massages (then I will push each of the buttons and display how each massage looks.) This is how the leg massager works and how you can adjust the tilt of the chair as well. Would you like to sit down and try the different modes of the chair and enjoy its comfortable