Same Sex Marriage: Should It Be Allowed? Essay

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Same Sex Marriage:
Should it be Allowed? Gay marriage is frowned upon by most people with traditional backgrounds and ideas. It is considered wrong and sometimes unholy. Same se marriage has always been one of the biggest social taboos. However, I have a question. Why would we forbid same sex marriage when we know that there is nothing we can do to stop same sex relationships? It is no secret that homosexual relationships are out there. What could we hope to achieve by would a couple the ability to share vows and live as a married couple? There is not a goal that comes to mind , and the concept is wrong if not only for the fact that it is a type of discrimination. Many people think of just racial or economic discrimination. In the early days of our nation, wealth was considered a reflection of individual worth(Epstein). That concept prevented the equal respect that should have always been given. Now we refuse to do for same sex couples what we will do for normal couples.

A gay man or lesbian women, whose partner has died becomes legally vulnerable. He or she has to battle the state for for any benefits that are usually granted to widows when their husbands die. It took the testimony of Keith Brodowski after his partner died in the 9/11 terrorist attack to move legislation to grant partial inheritance rights for registered domestic partners in California(Lambda 1). Regular married couples don't have nearly as much hassle when dealing with the benefits of their passed spouse. When a married person dies, the spouse is next f kin. A homosexuals' partner does not have this right. The situations are the same when regarding burial rights, property, wills, hospital policy, etc. No matter what, everything would go to the family and the partner would be treated as a stranger.

Members of a same sex couple that are having a child may face a hospital staff that refuses to acknowledge them as a couple when the baby is born. If they want another child, they may have to face the same trials. Marital rights would protect their children, joint businesses, and hospital care if they were allowed those rights. How can they tell their children that their families are just as vulnerable as traditional families, but the government doesn't think so(Staton 1)? It makes one wonder if the government is really that oblivious, or if it just doesn't care. It has been proven false that children need parents of both sexes as role models to properly develop. Studies show that children raised by homosexual parents are not "disadvantaged in any significant respect