Same Sex Married Essay

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Say No to Same-Sex Marriage

Same-sex marriage is one of the issues most debated in the United States of America. There is much controversy surrounding gay marriage because it involves both social and legal arguments. Gay marriage should not be legalized because it increase the chance of spreading diseases, affects the children in their academic performance and personality, and destroys the institution of marriage. First of all, same-sex marriage increases the chance of spreading diseases. Gay relationships are the main causes of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS. According to the study done for the Center for Disease Control Program by Dr. Thomas R. Frieden, around 48,000 new cases of HIV were found among gays in the United states. He also found that around 12,000 young adults and teens that were gay are affected by HIV. Moreover, 72% of new AIDS cases occurred in young men who are gay or bisexual. In the article, The Health Risks of Gay Sex” John R. Digges says a very common thing among gay people is sexually transmitted diseases called STD. Lesbians are at higher risk of getting affected by STDs. In addition, the chance of transmitting an STD disease during lesbian sex is three to five times higher than opposite sex relationships. In addition, with the increased chance of getting diseases, gay marriage also affects the children in their academic performance and personality. Children living in a homosexual family have low academic performance than children fron straight families. In the article, Deabte on a Study Examining Gay Parents”, Benedict Carey in June 2012, explained that children who grow up with gay parents had less education on average. He also states that children of same-sex couples repeated grades more compared to children of opposite sex couples. Moreover, gay marriage affects the personalities of the children. Many people believe that children need both a father and a mother to raise them. In the article “Mom and dad: