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I am the kind of person that becomes relentless when my sights are set on a target. When I determine my priority, I make every adjustment necessary to align my actions and thoughts towards that goal. This is something I have learned about myself during my transition into college. No matter what the endeavor, I am tenacious and resourceful enough to achieve success. This trait, as I have discovered, is perfect for scoring the highest possible grades in my university coursework. Some of my friends from my hometown barely recognize me because of the vast transformation I have undergone to become a scholar. Before coming into college, my priorities were not aligned with a desirable long term outcome. Georgia State University has provided me the perfect platform to set positive goals, and then accomplish those goals via the abundance of resources and opportunities available to me. I have never held myself to a higher standard than I do now.
I will spend hours upon hours in the library to absorb the information from my courses. I am not satisfied with myself until I can not only regurgitate the information as it is written in the chapter or lecture, but also analyze and interpret the content in a way that I understand without ambiguity. My grade point average is one reflection of my insatiable desire to exceed my curriculum. I also have extracurricular aspirations that will advance my professional and personal goals. My work with a major programming board on campus, Spotlight Programs Board, provides me valuable information about event logistics and networking that are crucial to my success as an independent