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In my younger years I began to accumulate my knowledge of computers, not just running programs and using them, but the internal workings of both hardware and software. Working on computers had become a hobby and I found joy in the challenges of troubleshooting the components and software that the computers contained. Later on I began to troubleshoot PCs that belonged to other people. And though I had already known so much regarding these machines, it was an ongoing learning experience because technology is always growing. I met every challenge head on and even though I had failed to conquer some of the challenges, it never stopped me from doing what I enjoy. People do not learn if mistakes are not made along the way because it is a learning experience in itself. Through trial and error I had taught myself what I already knew about computers, but I needed more knowledge from a source I had not yet touched and so I took on the next challenge that awaited me, that being to enroll in a program in the field of Information Technology. I came to Keiser University with two goals. One goal is to learn as much as I possibly can to expand my knowledge base and the second is to attain the tools needed to make a career out of working on computers, those tools being a degree and certifications required by employers to do the job. I knew it was not going to be an easy challenge going back to school after so many years, but not all challenges were created to easily conquer them. Dedication and hard work have to be driven in order to accomplish my goals and that is what I am doing now and will continue to do all the way to the time I