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First and foremost I would like to start by saying that I am well aware of all the positive and negative things about working in the hospitality industry. After my time working in the field getting actual experience and as a student at FIU I have turned my head to anything negative and have fully embraced all the good that the hospitality industry has to offer. Working in a restaurant, hotel, spa or even as a tour guide you are providing a service and that is something I’ve always wanted a career in. The hospitality industry is stable, people are always going to want to eat, drink, and have somewhere to train or be entertained. This workforce has many benefits to offer some of them being mobility, there is places you can go all over the world that have jobs in hospitality. You have opportunities for work everywhere and there are many open positions. Traveling has always been a passion and hobby of this industry can offer that, you can travel the world. I like that it is not a typical 9-5 job in most cases and everyday in the field is not the same you are always doing different tasks. My entire life I have been told that I am a people person and in my opinion you have to be a people person to work in this industry and be good at it. Specifically what I want to get into is event management with live music and entertainment. You can be creative in this industry and I would love a job that would allow you to do that. The event industry is a great atmosphere, people are always throwing parties, events and banquets and there are always concerts and fairs. My dream would be to have a music and art festival that would travel to different states and maybe even worldwide and this industry can offer me that. To me the world of events and entertainment is fascinating, When I think about this career choice it excites me and that feeling motivates me and assures me that I’ve made the right career choice for me. Nothing will really be the same in my events, sure there will be the same kind of parties but it won’t be identical everything will have a unique touch. It brings something special to the world events, I know for me it does live music and entertainment are huge to me and I would love to