Uniforms: Education and School Uniforms Essay

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Vanessa L Gurrola Eng 111G

The Need For School Uniforms in Schools.

Do you even remember when we were little and we did not like school uniforms because we would all look like maybe the so called “geeks”? Well, let me tell you that I never thought of changing my mind about the opinion of opposing to the use of uniforms .Before uniforms to me were a subject that would only make me think that we did not have the freedom of using the latest fashion clothes. For me it was somehow violating our youth rights. My child thoughts sound funny right? Well now, I have children myself, and would totally agree that uniforms would make such a positive effect in schools. Uniforms make the student more comfortable, secure and also have higher self-esteem. Uniform implementation in schools reduces discipline problems and improves school safety. The use of school uniforms should be mandatory since it does not only help parents economically, but it will also help with gang related issues and bringing good self-esteem in students.
Gang issues are priority concerns for many schools in the United States of America and in other countries as well. School leaders, parents, and educators, need to understand different ways on how to prevent these problems. According to (Kenneth S. Trump), “Reducing ways in which gang members can identify themselves which, in essence, is a form of intimidation and creates fear.” Here he talked about uniforms reducing those ways in which gang members identify themselves. We learn that by schools using uniforms we will reduce some of these concerns that are related to gangs. What are some issues that gangs bring to school? Gang members can identify themselves by using same colors and same type of clothing and then they create intimidation and fear to their peers that do not belong to their group. When gang members bring intimidation and fear to other students there is a higher risk of students getting involved in fights because of rivalry. According to (Education For Social Justice, Democracy, and Equality.) “uniforms by themselves don’t curb violence.” Yes they do help with violence. Gangs tend to be a group that uses a specific color, which means that each member that pertains to that group should use the color that is specified by a leader or the group in whole. By implementing school uniforms the school would no longer have this problem. All students would be dressed the same way and gang colors would no longer be an issue for groups that use this technique as a way to create this kind of groups within schools.

Using school uniforms will help with economy in parents. Parents worry about the cost of clothes and shoes when it comes to dressing their children. Uniforms help parents save money because parents will no longer feel the pressure of buying brand named clothes that are usually very expensive and to some parents totally out of their reach to buy. I remember that when I was a small kid, I thought uniforms were totally unfashionable and was just a way of torturing our own child’s life because that way we would learn how to behave better. I used to take that as a kind of a punishment. Obviously, I did not know much about the benefits of using uniforms. Now that I am a parent myself, I now see the importance of getting uniforms in school policy to be mandatory because the dress code would really help with how much money we save. Brand named clothes is at a high cost and using uniforms will help reduce costs because parents will no longer be in the need of wasting more money that they are already spending. Uniforms in schools also help bring better self-esteem in students by making them feel equal to one another. Fashion in schools nowadays is one of the main concerns for students. Often students worry more about the clothing they need to wear in school than going to school to learn. Students that cannot wear clothes from known brands get the feeling that they do not belong in that