School uniforms Essay

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Uniformed dress has been subject of debate and discussion in many societies. The truth is, it does not take away any liberty or freedom from the individuals and students, rather it provides them with many benefits.
Since the ages of industrial revolution and other progresses that the modern world have seen, uniformity of function, task and representation has been the symbol of people working on a common agenda or under one roof. The schools and education institutions are no exception to this rule and they therefore have worn the uniforms since the beginning of the modern era after the dark ages of the European history subsided.
Students should be wearing uniform for multiple reasons. They must do so in order to ensure the standard and equality amongst the ranks. The establishment and enactment of uniform will ensure removal of the atmosphere of any unhealthy competition between the students. This in turn would result in deviation and divergence from the core function of the education seeking and excelling through good grades.
If the uniform was an obstruction of the basic rights and freedom of expression, no schools on the surface of earth would have them. Instead, at present there can hardly be an instance of school where there is no uniform intact. The uniforms are often shaped in many ways that have their own message conveyed to them. If the uniform is removed, tomorrow they will come with another reason and excuse and would lead to the school appearing like a music concert show where different people are dressed in different get ups and there is no uniformity within. At the tender age of being merely teenagers, the freedom of expression of the young children should be controlled, limited and contained. It is therefore that the students must not have unwarranted and completely free access to different things. The uniform removal is one similar topic and they must not be allowed to shed it off at such an early age. It should be there and they should wear it as a symbol of representation and unity and