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Literature Review

Introduction My topic/what i am studying is how/if music affects growth on plants, if they germinate faster with music, etc. The purpose of my project is to see if different genres of music in their greatest extremes (not a mix of two different genres) can have an affect on plant growth and how quickly they germinate. I think that this project could be used in the sense that you could play a type of music such as classical for example and have your plants grow faster then without music or if you are trying to grow plants from seed and do not want to have to wait as long for them to germinate. Also i know that if my research leads to a positive affect using at least one type of music perhaps my mom could use it in her garden next year to help with the tons of plants that we grow every year. Finally for another way that this experiment can be used realistically is for other scientists working on slow growing plants if they need the plants sooner then they normally naturally grow they could use a type of music that helps the plant grow or if they just need it to sprout faster then use the one that helps with germination the most.

Background info. First off for the background information the type of plant I will be using are pothos plants , a beginner house plant that is generally hardy and can take a lot of punishment so if one dies in this experiment that will be very useful data. I also chose this plant because of it's growing nature although it will have to be constantly pruned (of which I will do to every single plant once a week) you will definitely be able to tell differences in the plants growth rate between them, especially because they all have very similar growth rates. For another thing as long as you keep the plants foliage washed off at least once a month (which I should only have to do once because of this experiments overall length) the insects should stay away which I am definitely going to have to make a priority due to the high temperature these plants have to stay in. Next for the background info the type of plant that i am using for this…