Self-esteem and People Essay

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Name: Alexandra
Title: Miss Douglas County

Bullying in school

Kids who are bullied have a hard time standing up for themselves. Bullying is a big issue that is not only important in this community but is a issue everywhere. You hear hear about it all the time, though what is actually being done? I intend to make people more aware of what is going on and how we can help to prevent it. Help the kids that are being bullied and help the kids that are bullying. The kinds of bullying I want to help is verbal, social, physical and cyberbullying. Most people don't actually know the right way to handle a bullying situation or as research has shown, some people do not even acknowledge the fact that bullying is happening. It is a serious situation, coming from some one who has faced the challenges of bullying I feel the need and want to take part in this and that is what I am going to do.

With the title of Miss Douglas County, comes more attention that gives me a chance to show many people the importance of bullying in our community’s schools. Bullying is a well known issue everyday, but it is not enough. I certainly know with help it can be better. I believe people do a lot of talking about it, which is great, it would be even better if more people put action in to it too then I know we could maybe a bigger impact on this. It can truly make a change in many kids life, to just motivate more people.

I have been coming up with many ways to get this more aware to people. I plan on going to schools and making my voice heard. Letting people know the effects and what it is causing. It is hurting kids and teenager self esteem and bringing them down. I believe if more people know what is happening then that can encouraging them to take a step towards helping others with bullying. I can gather more people who can help get the word out, helping one kid at a time.

What better role than to be Miss Douglas County and helping kids alike with bullying. The media attention of it would make the difference. I know most kid are hoping and searching for help and I want to be that…