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The quote by Bernadette Delvin says that " to gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else" and the stories of perseus and theseus seem to back this quote up a lot. Theseus grew up with basically nothing and as he progressed with his quest he gained a lot but he had to abandon something to gain it all. Theseus had to leave the life he had behind in order to get something better. In the story of perseus king acrisius had to give up his daughter for his life which he deemed to be more valuable. The story of perseus begins with the reader finding out about how unlucky king acrisius is. We find out that he's a bad hunter, bad in battles, and he had a bad temper. The king had to deal with a couple other things that were unlucky like how he had so son instead he had a daughter who he knew he would have find a prince for but, he had a fear that the prince would only want to become king and as a result might try to kill him to make that happen sooner. Unsure of what to do he consults the oracle of delphi who warns him that “your daughter will bear a son that will one day kill you”. After a bit of thinking as to how to preserve his life he ended up deciding on killing her daughter but not in a way that would anger the gods. The only way he could think of safely doing this was to lock his daughter in a tower with no way out there she would die without it mainly being her fault.
While she was there she had a kid with the god Zeus and once her father found out he had her sent out to sea “without sails,without oars,and without food or water. All of this was done to preserve his life at the cost of his daughter. Theseus and his mother were both very poor but despite that theseus was still happy since he was the son of a king but he still wanted a better life. So when he had a dream about a bird telling him that he “must bid farewell to your mother and go to Athens to visit Aegus. Do not go by sea. Take the dangerous overland route, and your adventure will begin.” he did it mainly cause the birds last piece of advice worked out for him and he wanted a new and better life of adventure. So he took that route and dealt with a