It It All Started With A Phone Call?

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It All Started with a Phone Call
“Ma’am, are you expecting,” said the paramedic after being shot twice in the back. “Umm, I don’t think so,” said Ta’Quisha, fading in and out of consciousness. The paramedic tried to perform and ultrasound in the ambulance just to make sure there wasn’t any uncertainty, and it turned out that she was pregnant and losing tones of blood. The paramedic decides not tell he so she does not panic even more than she already is. They race to the hospital going at least 95 miles per hour in order to get her into surgery as quickly as possible. After nine long, intense hours in surgery she was finally in ICU and stable. As the doctor came in to check her vitals, she was awoken and informed that she was 3 months pregnant and began to cry with the thought of who may have shot her……..
(2 days before)
It all started with a phone call from her baby’s father, Jared, the most well known gang banger on the streets of Compton. The phone rang at around 12:15 early that morning. I answered the phone and said, “Hello,” wondering who could be calling this early in the morning. The voice that responded I really could not make out because of all the static as the said, “Hello, umm who is this.” “You called me, who is this?” I said. The voice responded, “This Jared is this Ta’Quisha?” “No,” I responded, “This is Chryssi.” “Oo, so where is Ta’Quisha?” responded Jared. “I don’t know maybe she’s sleeping, but hold on let me see.” “Ha, Ha okay,” chuckled Jared. I went running into her room swinging open the door to find her sleep, glasses on her eyes, and some book named “In Between the Lines” on her stomach. “Ta’Quisha wake up, Jared’s on the phone,” and she popped up faster than I had ever seen. She nearly gave me a heart attack and quickly said, “Okay give it here.” I left her a lot to talk to him. I couldn’t sleep all night for wondering what could have been so urgent, and quickly ideas began to pour into my mind and my thoughts began to become very broad. As I was thinking I thought about how well known he is in the streets, and maybe he was in trouble or just needed to talk to her. Deciding to get